Play-Based Learning

Free play and guided play are encouraged through different learning materials, all openly displayed
and easily accessible to the children at different centres.

Blocks & Props

An assortment of blocks and props.

Facilitates problem solving, imagination, self-expression, and mathematical skills.



Assorted materials to probe life, physical and Earth sciences, along with sensory exploration and mathematical conceptualisation.

Develops fine motor skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and experimenting.

Pretend Play

Homelike furniture and props for different dramatic play scenarios.

Addresses social, emotional, language and thinking skills, along with imagination.



Assorted materials for creating mini-masterpieces.

Helps with creativity, self-expression, hand-eye coordination, observation and motor skills.


A wide collection of books, varied writing materials and letter and number manipulatives.

Promotes early literacy, love of reading, and social and critical thinking skills.